About Cheryl Dupler

Cheryl Dupler is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and completed her training in January of 2020 with Seven Studios in downtown Columbus, Ohio. She started yoga in search for something that was missing in her life- a true connection with herself. She struggled with weight issues and needed a change. Yoga, in conjunction with a better diet, helped her to focus inward and show herself the compassion she deserved. She has lost over 60 lbs and gives yoga almost all the credit! She’s new to the teaching world, but has been practicing for several years and loves to take Power Vinyasa classes, as well as, Yin and Restorative. Her favorite style to teach is a slow flow Vinyasa class.

Cheryl’s daytime super power, aka job, is Graphic Design for Aldi in Dublin, Oh. She also loves kickboxing- the yang to her yin! She lives in Somerset with her husband, Todd and son, Tyler. They also have guinea pigs, a few cats and a dog. She’s an animal lover! Her favorite things are hiking, meditating, learning new things, photography and, of course, yoga!