Grass Roots Studio sits in the heart of downtown Zanesville on the second floor of a beautiful historic building, built in 1858. With three state-of-the-art yoga rooms, three massage therapy/wellness rooms, original hardwood floors and exposed brick walls, Grass Roots is an unexpected urban haven for all things zen. 

Grass Roots has created a Yoga community, or sangha, within the Zanesville community over the past three years and continues to root, take shape and expand every day. If you plant what you have, it will grow. 

Our slightly larger second floor yoga room, called the “Trove”, offers infrared heating panels for a cleansing hot yoga experience. The smaller room, called the “Sanctuary”, is enclosed with two beautiful brick walls and provides a unique and intimate space for a wholesome, therapeutic experience. 

Grass Roots offers Massage Therapy and Reiki in the “Wellness Wing” treatment rooms also on the second floor. See “Wellness Wing” page for additional information.